It is a four-seat single engine high wing fixed aircraft. It is the most successfully mass-produced aircraft in history. It is regarded as one of the safest aircrafts to fly due to its stability in flight and very forgiving characteristics. Our Cessna 172s are certified for VFR and IFR training.
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


Due to the success of the Cessna 150, Cessna company went on to improve on the Cessna 150 which led to Cessna 152 with improved flight characteristics and engine power. It is also a two-seater aircraft majorly used for training purposes and personal use. It is also known for its safety, stability and easy to fly no wonder it is one of the most common aircraft in flight training school.
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


The Cessna 150 is a two-seater general aviation airplane that was designed for training, touring and personal use. It’s a simple robust an easy to fly aircraft. Our Cessna 150 has been modified with short landing and takeoff kits and flap gap seals for improved performance.
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


 It is a six -eater, multi-engine aircraft. It is the chosen for multi-engine training because of its extremely high performance and durability. It is commonly referred to as mini-jet because of its speed and power. It is one of the fastest piston engine aircraft manufactured to date. Its crisp and stable flying characteristic makes it an ideal multi-engine trainer.  Students learn to fly in this aircraft simulating instrument conditions in preparation for commercial instrument flying.
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

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