Flexi Flyer Program
At Proactive Air Services we have a customized training program to suit full time professionals and part time students with restrictive schedules. The Flexi-Flyer program is tailored to suit individuals by providing flexible options on the timing of classes and flight times such as weekends and evening/ early morning classes. Individuals interested in flying but working full-time or students in university can successfully pursue both through this program. 

School Based Program 
We are committed to mentoring the next generation of aviators by supporting high school-based programs. Our involvement includes aviation clubs in Light Academy, Pioneer School, MPESA Foundation Academy among others. Our school-based program allows high school learners who want to pursue flying as a career to commence pilot training classes culminating in the achievement of a Private Pilot Licence by completion of high school. This program is flexible and is tailored in a manner not to affect the normal learning sessions of the trainee. The theory ground classes are conducted during school aviation club days, while the practical flying sessions shall be carried out during the school holidays. 

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