Why some pilots don’t get through flight training

Why some pilots don’t get through flight training

One of the most common fears people have about beginning flight training is that they don’t have what it takes to really fly.

When contemplating the decision to start flying, people often doubt themselves. But most people get through flight training without a problem at all, once they realize that their fears are unfounded, that they really are smart enough, that almost anyone can learn to fly an airplane.

So why is it that some student pilots never complete flight training? First, know that it’s very rare for a student to be unable to complete flight training due to a learning problem. Most functioning teens and adults are completely capable of learning, although some pick things up quicker than others. Believe it or not, success during flight training has little to do with actual intelligence.

Here are the most common reasons that a student might not complete flight training.


Flight training takes a bit of time and energy, and sometimes students begin flight training without really having enough time to devote to flying. This leads to cancelled lessons, or going  long periods of time without flying, or showing up to fly unprepared, all things that will delay progression. These students eventually quit altogether when they realize they don’t have the time to put into flight training efforts, but they usually return somewhere down the road. Many flight students are people who are returning to aviation after having a go at it a time or two before.  


Sometimes a student will be scared by a particular even that happened in flight (their first stall or an inadvertent spin, for example) or just by their own lack of confidence in performing well. Almost all of the time, the student will find that by working with their instructor, they’ll overcome these fears or insecurities to go on to further their skills and obtain a pilot certificate, but rarely a student will give up completely, especially in the absence of a supportive instructor.


Finally, a bad instructor might be the biggest reason a student doesn’t complete flight training. While the industry maintains standards for certified flight instructors, sometimes a student and instructor just don’t get along, or sometimes an instructor doesn’t know how to teach a particular student. And sometimes personalities clash, even with the best students and instructors. Many students find that simply switching instructors is the key to their success, but sometimes that’s easier said than done, and unfortunately, students who don’t recognize what’s happening or don’t have the courage to speak up and get a new instructor will have a bad experience and drop out completely.

What’s important to note is that none of these challenges are related to a student’s intelligence level or your learning ability, which is often the first fear that people face when they decide to begin flight training. All of the other challenges mentioned here are easy to overcome if you plan well, keep an open mind, and stick with it.