Multi Engine -Type rating & Instrument Rating Multi Engine -Type rating & Instrument Rating (ME-TR/IR) Course Detail Summary

Please note this is part of the CPL course. Anybody who applies only for a multi engine TR/IR, the course details are as follows:
In the Multi-engine Rating Course at proactive air services you would be given the Type Rating (TR) and Instrument Rating (IR) on a twin engine aircraft. The course curriculum covers airline oriented training in which you learn to fly the airway routes (like the airlines fly), doing instrument approaches and handling simulated emergencies like engine and other system failures. We would also give you adequate ground training to pass the KCAA'Technical-Specific' written examination on the BEECHCRAFT BARON 55 aircraft. Notwithstanding the shortage of pilots in Kenya, most of the airlines prefer to recruit CPL holders who have a multi-engine rating. It is our firm belief that armed with a multi-engine rating, you would have a clear advantage over single engine CPL holders in securing a job with an airline.Course curiclumm
Minimum Eligibility:

  • Educational Qualification
  • Medical Class 1
  • Class I Medical (KENYAN)
  • Age: 18 years on date of joining PAS
  • Nationality: All nationalities
  • Aviation Qualification: CPL/IR
  • Course Overview: Full time : Ground Studies + Flying Training (Multi Engine)+ KCAA (Type Techincal Examination)Duration.   
  • Candidate Dependant.
  • Induction Time: On request.
  • Hours & Mode:Multi Engine – BEECHCRAFT BARON.
  • Ground Studies - Instrument flying procedures and Type Technical.