License ConversionLicense Conversion

This course is for people who already hold a valid CPL or CPL/IR license of non-Kenyan origin and want their license to be converted for a valid Kenyan CPL license - we undertake renewals of PPL, CPL and instrument rating on single and multi engine aircraft. If your flying license has lapsed we would provide you the necessary refresher course and additional flying prior to conducting tests for your license renewal.

For all queries regarding IR,SE/ME rating, Licence renewal & Recency on BE55,172,152
Minimum Eligibility:

  • Educational Qualification Foreign CPL or CPL/IR
  • Medical Class I Medical (Kenyan)
  • Please note for issue of CPL License Class I Medical would be necessary
  • Age: 18 years
  • Nationality: All nationalities
  • Aviation Qualification Foreign CPL or CPL/IR
  • Course Overview
  • Course Type Full Time: Ground Studies+ Flying Training + Flight Tests
  • Duration 1-2 weeks.
  • Induction Time On request
  • Hours & Mode Single Engine - On CESSNA 172 or 152