I don't have a college degree. Can I still become a commercial pilot?

Most airlines require their pilots to have completed a four year degree from an accredited college.


My vision is not perfect. Can I still become a pilot?

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements of an KCAA Class 1 or 2 medical your vision will not be an issue. It is necessary that your vision is correctable to 20/20; however, it is not necessary to have perfect uncorrected vision. Each airline has specific requirements for their employees.


What Flight Certificates Can I Earn and What Can I do With Them?

The general progression of earning flight certificates and ratings is detailed below, although there are many routes you may choose to follow.

Private Pilot

A person will first earn his Private Pilot Certificate, which will give him the privileges of flying alone or with family and friends in good weather. A Private Pilot is not allowed to fly for compensation or hire, to fly in and out of clouds or fog, or in areas of very low visibility. This means that the pilot is limited in some of the things they can do, mainly due to safety-related reasons.

Instrument Rating

The next step is to obtain an Instrument Rating, which is basically an amendment to your Private Pilot License that says you may now fly in and out of clouds and low visibility, because you have advanced training in using and relying on only your instruments to fly. However, it is not another license, therefore, you are still limited to the restrictions of your Private Pilot's License of not being able to fly for hire.

Commercial License

The next certificate you will earn will be your Commercial License. This allows you to fly for hire, and it requires a good deal more flight time. The KCAA is looking for is more experience. They expect you to demonstrate mastery of the aircraft and, therefore, require you to perform to stricter parameters than what was previously required as a Private Pilot. Now you will be able to fly for money!


How soon until I actually fly the plane?

Immediately! You will be in the left seat from the first moment on. Your first lesson will include takeoff, controlling the airplane, discovering how much fun flying is and landing. These are all done with the instructor’s assistance, but make no mistake about it, we want you to be in control. 


Do I need to be a pilot to purchase a plane?

No, anyone can purchase an aircraft. If you do plan on purchasing a plane, ask us! We happily will help make sure that the plane is in good condition.


What is the cost to become a pilot?

Flight time and professional instruction are cheaper than you think. We try to make it affordable for most people. We have a special program for financing that is tailored to earning pilot certificates, so there may even be an opportunity to finance your training time. We can help you work out a budget and training schedule to fit your needs.

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